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A time to say goodbye face to face in a comfortable setting, a visitation gives your friends and family the opportunity to express their own grief, as well as space to offer you their condolences. These can be held in the evening; or in the morning or afternoon, prior to a funeral or memorial service.



A traditional funeral service denotes the physical presence of the body. This can occur whether you choose ground burial or cremation after the service. A funeral service may be held in our chapel, at your church, or at another venue of your choice. A funeral service contains opening prayers and/or remarks by clergy or someone you designate to preside*. It may also include special music, video presentation, readings, poems, eulogies and/or prayers. Funeral services can be held the morning following an evening visitation, or as the conclusion of an evening or morning visitation. A daytime funeral service can conclude with either burial at a local cemetery or a private cremation.



A memorial service is similar to a funeral service, except that the body of the deceased is not present. It can conclude much like the funeral service with burial of the casketed remains or cremated remains at a local cemetery. Our staff is knowledgeable in all faith traditions and customs so we can attend to each specific ceremony.* Knollcrest can maintain custody of the cremation remains until family takes possession or decides on the final disposition of the remains.



A Committal Service, sometimes called a Graveside Service, is a ceremony held at a cemetery of your choice, attended by family and friends if you choose. Most committal services take place right after the funeral or memorial service at the cemetery chapel or at the grave. You may instead request a private committal service prior to a memorial service. We also help families coordinate burial of cremated remains at a date after funeral or memorial services are held.



This is a private time for family to gather and say goodbye to a loved one before burial or cremation, in lieu of other public services; usually associated with Direct Cremation or Immediate Burial.



The body is transferred from the place of death to the funeral home, properly identified, prepared for cremation, placed in a cremation container of your choice, and then cremated. All cremations are witnessed by a licensed funeral director. There is no public viewing of the body.



The body is transferred from the place of death to the funeral home, properly identified, prepared for burial, placed in a casket, and then buried. There is no public viewing of the body.



*If you are not affiliated with a local church, parish, or synagogue, our staff is prepared to help you obtain a pastor or chaplain to preside at your service




Personalizing a Service

In the hectic days following the death of a loved one, practical needs often overtake sentimental matters. Planning a funeral service can become another item to check off a list. This is where our expertise and suggestions will help you prepare a personal ceremony that reflects your background, family, and most importantly, the life of your loved one. Traditional or unique, stately or simple, Knollcrest staff is here to help you come to the decisions that will meet your needs now, and in the future. These decisions can have an impact on your family and friends for a long time, so doing the right thing now can make all the difference in your peace-of-mind through the coming years.

The order, content, and style of service can be varied to suit the family’s needs and reflect the person they are remembering. Including appropriate cultural and religious traditions will also make the service more meaningful. Here at Knollcrest, we encourage families to select their own music, readings or poetry, and personal tributes.

Our Chapel can be set up with any number of physical memorabilia. Your loved one’s favorite belongings, objects from his hobbies, things she made or worked with, etc. We encourage the use of photo DVD presentations because photos are effective in reminding friends and family of special times they shared with the deceased. You can write a letter, place a photograph or favorite keepsake with your loved one. We will gladly enclose such items with your loved one for cremation or burial.

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